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Company Name Address Contact Info Profile Residential Services
Abatement Technologies Brian Strawn 7 High Street
Fort Erie, ON
L2A 3P6
Phone: 1-800-827-6443
Fax: 905-871-8291
Email: bstrawn@abatement.ca
Web: www.abatement.com
Acute Environmental & Safety Services Inc. Ron Campbell 730 Bridge Street, #3
Waterloo, ON N2V 2J4
Phone: 519-747-5075
Fax: 519-757-4608
Web: www.acuteservices.com
Bi View Building Service Ltd. Jim Tran 5228 Everest Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5C5
Phone: 905-712-1831
Fax: 905-712-1830
Email: jim@biview.ca
Web: www.biview.ca
Chatfield Technical Consulting Ltd. Dr. Eric J. Chatfield 2071 Dickson Road
Mississauga, ON L5B 1Y8
Phone: 905-896-7611
Fax: 905-896-1930
Email: echatfield@ejchatfield.com
Coast to Coast Environmental Inc. Frank Dodaro 15 Schell Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6E 2S7
Phone: 416-789-7575
Fax: 416-789-9305
Email: ctcenviro@rogers.com
Web: www.ctcenviro.com
Crozier Environmental Inc. Shelley Benson 5770 Gamsby Rd.
Orono, ON L0B 1M0
Phone: 905-983-9199
Fax: 905-983-5976
Email: shelley@crozierenviro.com
Web: www.crozierenviro.com
Mould, Asbestos, Lead, Indoor Air Quality, Vermiculite, Animal Feces clean up in attics Ex: Raccoons
Element Environmental Contracting Chris Richardson P.O. Box 374
Lefroy, ON L0L 1W0
Phone: 416-660-9152
Email: chris@element-env.ca
Web: www.elementenvironmental.ca
Elite Environmental Group Inc. Jason Earle 67 Jamie Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7Y6
Phone: 613-695-2677
Fax: 613-695-2477
Email: jason@eliteenvironmentalgroup.ca
Web: www.eliteenvironmentalgroup.ca
EMC Scientific Inc. Alister Haddad 5800 Ambler Drive, #100
Mississauga, ON L4W 4J4
Phone: 905-629-9247
Fax: 905-629-2607
Email: ahaddad@emcscientific.ca
Web: www.emcscientific.ca
EMSL Canada, Inc. Sarah Jamieson 2756 Slough Street
Mississauga, ON L4T 1G3
Phone: 289-207-0205
Fax: 289-997-4607
Email: sjamieson@emsl.com
Website: www.emsl.com
Mould, Asbestos, Lead, Vermiculite
Encore Insurance Services Inc. Chad Winger 30 Duke Street West, Suite 405
Kitchener ON  N2H 3W5
Phone: 519-579-9478
Fax: 866-232-9183
Email: cwinger@encoregrp.com
Website: www.encoregrp.com
Firstbrook, Cassie & Anderson Ltd. Warren Griffiths 1867 Yonge Street, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M4S 1Y5
Phone: 416-629-7692
Fax: 416-486-7035
Email: wgriffiths@fcainsurance.com
FPR Environmental Inc. Frank Parronchi 5 - 11 Centennial Road
Kitchener, ON N2B 3E9
Phone: 1-855-868-8222
Fax: 519-568-8426
Email: info@asbestosmouldexperts.com
Website: www.asbestosmouldexperts.com
Mould, Asbestos, Lead, Vermiculite
H&S Specialties Inc. Ian Henderson 1060 Salk Road, Unit 5
Pickering, ON L1W 3C5
Phone: 416-556-5893
Web: www.hsspecialties.com
Hazmasters Inc. Matt Nichols 651 Hardwood Ave. North, Unit 4
Ajax, ON L1Z 0K4
Phone: 905-427-0220
Fax: 905-427-9901
Web: www.hazmasters.com
Icon Restoration Services Inc. Elvis Selamaj 245 Marlee Ave.
Toronto, ON M6B 4B8
Phone: 416-901-4266
Email: elvis@iconrestoration.com
Web: www.iconrestoration.com
JPS Canada Air Systems Inc. Jean Moniz 2599 Eglinton Ave W.
Toronto, ON M6M 1T3
Phone: 416-895-7576
Email: jp@jpscanada.com
Web: www.jpscanada.com
Kleen Condition Irek Rogula 41 – 2601 Matheson Blvd E.
Mississauga ON L4W 5A8
Phone: 416-919-2093
Fax: 888-415-0611
Email: irek@kleencondition.ca
Web: www.kleencondition.com
Mould, Asbestos, Lead, Vermiculite
Leda Restoration Company Ltd. Matt Molson 1083 Rangeview Road
Mississauga, ON L5E 1H2
Phone: 416-622-5051
Fax: 905-278-4042
Email: mmolson@leda.ca
Web: www.leda.ca
Mackenzie Milne Wayne Archer 1392 Plank Rd.
Sarnia, ON N7T 7H3
Phone: 877-744-1113
Fax: 519-344-6341
Email: wayne32@hotmail.ca
Web: www.mackenziemilne.com
MGI Construction Corp. Daniel Marinacci 11 Dansk Court
Etobicoke, ON M9W 5N6
Phone: 416-675-2280
Fax: 416-675-2209
Email: dan@mgicorp.ca
Web: www.mgicorp.ca
Paracel Laboratories Ltd. Shawn Howard 300-2319 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8
Phone: 613-731-9577
Email: showard@paracellabs.com
Web: www.paracellabs.com
Safety Express Kelly Robertson 4190 Sladeview Cres., Units 1 & 2
Mississauga, ON L5L 0A1
Phone: 905-608-0111
Fax: 905-608-0091
Web: www.safetyexpress.com
Schouten Environmental Inc. Brant Nicholson 7908 Jariott St.
Watford, ON N0M 2S0
Phone: 519-577-8989
Email: brant@schouten.ca
Web: www.schouten.ca
Sporometrics Kristine White 219 Dufferin Street, Unit 20C
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y9
Phone: 416-516-1660
Fax: 416-516-1670
Email: kwhite@sporometrics.com 
Web: www.sporometrics.com
Sure General Contractors Inc. Ky Luu 215 Midwest Road
Toronto, ON M1P 3A6
Phone: 1-877-963-7873
Fax: 416-335-7870
Email: kluu@suregc.ca
Web: www.suregc.ca
Thomas James Environmental Inc. Robert Dewar 6A - 170 The Donway West, Suite 415
Toronto, ON M3C 2E8
Phone: 647-991-9246
Email: rdewar@thomasjames.ca
Web: www.thomasjames.ca
True-Care Restoration Inc. Geoff Zinner 1472 Thorton Rd. N., Unit 19
Oshawa, ON L1L 0P3
Phone: 905-492-3510
Email: geoff@true-care.ca
Web: www.true-care.ca
  Evelyn Stefov   Phone: 416-841-4013
Email: estefov@gmail.com



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Upcoming Event:

Annual General Meeting and Launch of the Environmental Abatement Council of Canada


June 10, 2021

Board of Directors Nominations

Call for Presentations

EACO invites you to share your presentation regarding the industry with its members at the AGM on June 10th. Please submit your abstract no later than May 14th. This is an opportunity to share studies, discuss relevant issues in abatement, gain insight and share experiences. We are looking for topics that can be effectively presented within 25 minutes and are non-proprietary. Send your submissions to Betty Quan at bquan@tcaconnect.com. Submissions will be reviewed by the AGM Committee and the selected presenters will be informed by late May.