About EACO

The Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario (EACO) is a contractor based organization formed by professionals within the environmental abatement industry.

Our members represent our industry as a whole including contractors, consultants, engineers, suppliers, government officials and others that have an interest in the environmental abatement industry.

If you are looking for a qualified list of Abatement Contractors and/or Environmental Consultants for your upcoming projects for Asbestos, Mould, Lead or any other Environmental projects, all EACO members carry Environmental and Pollution Insurance Coverage.

EACO provides important input to the Ontario Ministry of Labour on Environmental Abatement matters and Guidelines.

Our Mission

The betterment and promotion in the public interest of the environmental abatement and hazardous materials industry.

To promote the highest standards of conduct among our members.

To collect and disseminate information regarding the management of hazardous materials including regulations from all provinces and territories.

To collect and disseminate information regarding the health effects associated with exposure to specific hazardous materials.


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